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Educational Tours  

Educational Tours Excursions

Educational tours are a powerful means to know about the unknown things through practical experience. Children are taken to educational excursions so that they could imbibe knowledge about our rich cultural heritage. It also enables them to mingle with nature freely.

Career Guidance Cell

The career guidance and counseling cell is to help the students by disseminating information regarding choice of career and availability of various options after +2. The Celll helps the students and deals with various problems like stress management and future career prospects.

Public Speaking

`To improve the spoken part and the confidence in the students, class wise and house wise public speaking competitions are being organized. Discussions, debates and declamation are being made a part of the curriculum.


DAV's are always in the service of weaker sections. Highly motivated by the spirit to eliminate illiteracy and to spread literacy ‘‘अविद्या का नाश और विद्या की वृ(ि )’’ We have taken an oath to educate 35 children from the weaker section. These children are brought in the school bus and after teaching them they are left in the same bus. Educational material along with uniform is also provided.